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Iranian President Raisi’s death: An accident or a plot, and does it even matter?

While world leaders express condolences to Iran over the death of President Ebrahim Raisi, and the Islamic regime has called for five days of mourning, neither I nor millions of Iranians are shedding a tear or mourning in any way. Iranians are celebrating boldly, across social media and in public with fireworks, drinking and dancing, and wishing that these criminals with blood on their hands of countless Iranians, Israelis, and others will burn in hell. 

In addition to Raisi, those who died on his fateful helicopter were Iran’s Foreign Minister Amir Hossein Abdollahyan, the Imam of Tabriz Mosque Ayatollah Al-Hashemi, and the Governor of East Azerbaijan Province Malik Rahmati. They were all leaders in the Islamic terrorist regime that has caused countless suffering. 

As much as there is reason for celebration, in the big picture, not only will Raisi’s death not change anything automatically, but it may even bring harsher crackdown on Iranians, and embolden the Islamic regime’s terror proxies, as a power struggle in Iran becomes more public. The regime may crackdown on dissent, of which there has been much, especially since Raisi’s death. 

Nothing will change automatically because the head of the evil Islamic regime, “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khamenei, is still alive. As long as he is in place nothing will change. Raisi and the others were only his puppets.

One of the significant things that’s been highlighted since Raisi’s death is not only who will replace him as president, but who will be Ayatollah Khamenei’s successor. Khamenei is 85 and his succession is the big question because he is the literal head of the terrorist octopus. Until his death, speculation was wide that Raisi was being groomed for this position. Now, it is widely assumed that Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba, will be his father’s successor. 

In a position that wields complete power and control over Iran, and provides funding and support to its proxies all around the world, this will create a terrorist dynasty with unlimited power. Raisi’s death has been deemed an accident, but was it really? With such unlimited power, the “Supreme Leader” may very well have ordered the death of Raisi in order for his son to succeed him. 

In 2009, when I was in prison in Tehran, facing a death sentence of my own for the “crime” of apostasy for becoming a Chrisitan in Iran, I witnessed the torture and execution of many innocent people at the hands of the Islamic regime. While in prison, God told me in a dream that He would give the ayatollahs an opportunity to repent, otherwise He would destroy them.

Until that happens, the world needs to support Iranians who are celebrating and praying for their freedom, not mourn Iran’s dead terrorist leaders. Who was Ibrahim Raisi and why should the world care? 

Ebrahim Raisi became president in 2021, “selected” in a sham election to make Iranians and the world believe he had popular support. The reality is that he had the support of the “Supreme Leader” which qualified him to be president, until he didn’t have that support and mysteriously died. Raisi was responsible for the murder of countless Iranians, including the execution of women and children. He helped fund and plan the Hamas October 7th massacre in Israel, and has been a long-time supporter of Islamic terrorism in Yemen, Gaza, Lebanon, and Iraq, along with numerous other terrorist acts around the world. He made chanting of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” by Iranian school children into a genocidal anthem.  

Before being “selected” as president, Raisi was appointed chairman of Astan Quds Razavi, a vast foundation that manages the donations, including cash and property, to the 8th Shia Imam, and also controls the industries that belong to it. Basically, he became a national Islamic mafia boss. 

The “Supreme Leader” also appointed Raisi as head of Iran’s judiciary. Coming to this position with the nicknames “Ayatollah of Execution,” and “Butcher of Tehran,” having signed the death sentences of at least 30,000 political prisoners, there was never any chance of justice in the judiciary. He operated on the principle that Allah endows Muslims the right to terrorize their “enemies.” To them, terror is not only justified, it’s a sacred rite. 

Raisi was supposed to be Khameini’s successor. Now that he is dead, years of grooming the next “Supreme Leader” is up in smoke. Raisi can and will be replaced as president. But now, any pretense of finding Khameini’s successor will be a farce. With Mojtaba all but assured of this position, it hopefully will encourage those trying to bring down the regime. But Khamenei (and Mojtaba, and anyone else with a dream of filling his turban) are likely to double down on strict enforcement of misogynist Islamic “morality” laws, threaten religious minorities, and do everything to ensure its unbreakable control.  

Raisi’s death reminds me of a personal experience I had about how the regime integrates modern witchcraft to create fear among the masses and to strengthen the foundation of their Islamic system by shedding the blood of human beings. In my book, “A Love Journey with God,” I shared how the private witch of the former president Ahmadi Nezhad revealed to me how government officials secretly bring human sacrifices. To the “Supreme Leader,” the death of Raisi and other powerful officials would be a great sacrifice to strengthen his power. 

This is an excerpt: “I was a witch in the past," he said. The man explained that when he was a child his parents dedicated him to two Islamic prophets, which gave him the ability to practice witchcraft. He added that he was a witch for powerful government leaders, and that they made their decisions only after consulting with a witch and making a sacrifice to Satan — especially those who make national and foreign policies. “There are hundreds of agents in the city,” he went on, “working to control the country and the people. They meet in dark secret places underground. There are dozens of them who wear long black robes and stand in every square in the city. Only other witches can see them. To everyone else, they’re invisible. Government officials and mullahs have to sacrifice the blood of others to Satan’s agents for the success of their policies and plans. That is why once in a while they kill a large number of people: they dedicate the blood to Satan.”  

For the millions of Iranians who seek regime change and freedom, and the countless victims and their loved ones, many of whom don’t even have a grave to visit, when the UN Security Council stood for a minute of silence in memory of the “Butcher of Tehran,” and the US State Department and other nations expressed official condolences, this was rubbing salt in the deep wounds of the Iranian people, deepening their pain and suffering. 

Rather than standing for a moment of silence, world leaders should have condemned Raisi’s evil actions, and stood in solidarity with his victims, and all the Iranian people. Expressing condolences shows a lack of moral clarity that is as blind as Iran’s justice system, and is unforgivable. 

With his own criminal and murderous resume, Raisi would have been a “qualified” successor to Khamenei. Whether his death was an accident, or a hit by the terrorist regime to entrench its own power, and hand that over to the “Supreme Leader’s” son, one can be sure that Khamenei’s son will not be any less evil than his father. 

Rather than the likely crackdowns, I pray this is the beginning of the end of the Islamic regime, that soon Iran will be free of the Islamic regime, and that all Iranians will see the true God.

Marziyeh Amirizadeh

Marziyeh Amirizadeh is an Iranian American who immigrated to the US after being sentenced to death in Iran for the crime of converting to Christianity.  She endured months of mental and physical hardships and intense interrogation. She is author of two books (the latest, A Love Journey with God), public speaker, and activist for religious freedom. She has shared her inspiring story throughout the United States and around the world, to bring awareness about the ongoing human rights violations and persecution of women and religious minorities in Iran.

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